1-1 wear

1-1 wear is the embodiment of a search for more equality in the context of dating and sexual relationships. The underwear reveals the sexuality of the owner in the form of colours and textures (lace, velvet, silk) and is able to communicate in a subtle way about their sexual identity. On the other, hand 1-1 wear makes men embrace their bodies and sexual identity in a way regular underwear does not.

The available underwear for men is either boring or highly explicit. 1-1 wear fills in the gap and makes underwear that fits the different sexual identities of different men.

As everyone is different, desires regarding sexuality and the corresponding underwear which emphasize this sexuality, vary in a wide range. To be able to respond to real life desires, 1-1 wear organizes 1-1 design sessions with different real life people. The result: an extremely wide variety in underwear: 1-1.